Back in Paris

This is not my normal type of blog post but I am back in Paris after 3 weeks holiday in the UK and I am really happy to be here.

Summer seems to be coming and Spring certainly is here. As for my online affiliate business, well it only took me less than 1 hour to bank some money today and less than a day to pick up a new client.

Just reflecting back on my 3 weeks in the UK and even while I was there I never lost the gratitude I have about being able to decide when and where I work.

I chose 3 weeks, it could have been 4 or 2 weeks holiday but it was me who decided. I cant remember that sort of power in any job I had.

I did do a little work I must admit as I took my laptop with me and I did meet up with a few clients, all be it down the pub with a pint.

But now I am back in Paris running my business as I normally do, that is 6 hours a day, Mon-Thurs. I don’t start until 10am after my morning run. Yes I sometimes work weekends but only because I want to.

I saw a Facebook post from a guy in a similar position to me earlier on where he described an email he had from a UK woman telling him to get a job and a real life and to stop bumming around. I feel sorry for this woman as she is living in the past. Yes I am sure there are some great jobs out there but as for them being the answer, well that has never been the case.

To spend your life doing something because you think you have to or because others expect you to is no way to live at all. Live the life you desire because eventually you will be 6 feet under and no one will give a shit wheather you had a job or not.

Make the most of this time, make as many people happy as you can and play life to your rules. Hey why the hell do you think I live in Paris right now or have lived in Tahiti, Portugal, Spain. I am doing my thing and I am doing it today and im not waiting for all the lights to be green in my life to wait and do it.

Yes Amigos, The English Entrepreneur is Back in Paris, making money and loving it. So what do you think, let me know, “Message Me”

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Nick Squires

Nick Squires is an English guy who is based mainly out of Paris, France and his home in Surrey, England. He has been running his own online business for over 6 years now mainly within affiliate marketing as well as coaching people how to have success online with affiliate marketing too.

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  1. Dana Rose
    October 24, 2013 at 4:04 pm

    so true Nick, we must follow our hearts

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