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If you have an online business or blog, you may already know about the importance of connecting it with social media. This can expand your audience and allow you to reach out to your existing customers in fun, fresh ways.

Most online businesses have Twitter and Facebook profiles, but Pinterest is also worth taking a look at. Using Pinterest can help you grow your business and make money online. This virtual pin board allows you to pin photos of interest to your social profile, offering you a free forum for promotion.

The following are a few ways to integrate Pinterest into your online money-making plan.

Using Pinterest to Promote Products

One of the first ways to make money online using Pinterest is by promoting your products. If you run a small business or already sell products on your blog, you can expand this to Pinterest by pinning photos of your products.

For example, if you write a blog about dogs and sell dog coats and accessories on the side, you can start pinning cute photos of dogs wearing these coats on Pinterest to generate buyer interest.

There’s a reason why catalogues and fashion magazines help sell clothing. People are generally visual creatures, and photographs tend to catch their eye. Part of the popularity of Pinterest is that it is so visual, allowing you to reach out and really grab attention. This can help you boost sales and increase customer loyalty.

Pinterest also allows you to re-pin other people’s photos and content. This is an easy way to grow your customer network and increase visibility for your online store or blog. When you pin and re-pin content from other users, they may re-pin your content in return.

So if you write that blog about dogs, you could not only post your own photos but find other photos of stylish dog beds on Pinterest and then re-pin these. This will help grow your audience and help you make money online using Pinterest

Using Pinterest as a Research Tool

It’s easier to make money online using Pinterest when you have specific information about your target demographic. Pinterest is an excellent way to do this. This particular social network is most popular among females between the ages of 16-35, but there are numerous categories within the network that could appeal to different demographics.

Pick and choose a few different categories to post in, and then see who is looking at or re-pinning your photos most frequently.

Using the dog business example, you could examine the profiles of users who frequently pin photos of dogs or dog accessories. This can give you some indication of who your target market is. With this information, you can then also see what other types of interests they have, judging by the other photos and content that they have posted on their profiles.

Take some time to explore the website and see which types of profiles or photographs are currently trending. This can help you get in touch with the preferences of other Pinterest users, and target your audience more effectively.

All in all you can make money online using Pinterest as with all the other social media sites but you will need to be persistent and always be offering your target market the best quality at all levels.

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    I have always used Facebook but I can see where Pinterest would be good, cheers, Nick

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