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If your looking to create a better work life balance and you see the internet as a way of doing this then a brilliant online business idea is to have a landing page.

A landing page which is often called a squeeze page or a captcha page is a one page website whose sole intention is to collect peoples email addresses. I personally like to get their names as well but most definitely their email address.

Then once you have their email you then, with the aid of an email auto-responder begin to drip feed these people information and offers that they can read and purchase.

This type of online business often referred to as list building is a very effective way of creating a long term income online and it has the added benefit of being fairly low maintenance to run.

You do need to put a bit of effort in at the start making sure it is set up correctly but once you are up and running then your main purpose from then on will be to keep a flow of more email sign ups via your advertising.

And all of this type of business can be done around you schedule, be it family or work.

Using a Landing page along with an auto-responder makes up a large part of my income and I am happy in the knowledge that not only am I making money but the people who are leaving their email details and buying my offers are receiving exactly the help and information they were looking for.

Here is a break down of how it all works.

1) Find yourself a good market to be involved in. Preferably a market where there are active buyers in it. Its nice if it can be one you enjoy as well but its not essential.

2) Next you want to discover what is going on in this market and what issues there may be. Find out what problems people are having as this will help you with step 3. You can find this sort of information by going to relevant online forums. This step is probably the most important step you can do.

3) Now look for something you can give away for free to the people who are going to leave their email details. You need to have an incentive for these people to leave their details otherwise why would they do it.

The sort of free gift I am talking about is a free report, a free Ebook. Something that is going to give them benefit and help them with any issues/problems that you have discovered in step 2.

Either write the report/Ebook yourself or get someone else to write it or pay for one already created. To pay for something like this will cost no more than a few Pounds or Dollars but make sure it deals with the issues discovered in the previous step.

To Have a report created very cheaply go to

4) Get started with an auto-responder company. An auto-responder is basically a system that automates the whole procedure for you from collecting the emails on your landing page with a contact form box, to giving people their free gift once they do sign up and then on to sending out pre-written emails to these people at a schedule you have set.

Whats great about an auto responder is that when you have set everything up correctly you will then have a business that is largely running its self.

Aweber is the system I have always used for all this- Aweber auto-responder details

5) Create your Landing page. Remember the landing page only intention is to collect emails and possibly names if you so wish. So with this in mind it needs to be straight to the point telling people exactly what you want them to do. You also want to highlight some key points about the free gift they will receive.

Always keep your landing page simple and uncluttered so that everybody knows that they must fill out their details in the contact form box and in return they will receive a free gift that has some information relevant to them.

Here is an example of one of my Landing pages aimed at people looking to break the 9-5 routine. It has a contact form to the right and information telling them what they should do and what they will receive. Have a look

To create a Landing page like this I used a system called

6) When your landing page is complete you will then want to configure your auto-responder. By this I mean create some follow up emails that will be sent out to your sign ups. The first email will obviously be the free gift your offering which will go out to anyone who has just signed up immediately after they leave their details. Any following emails will then go out to them at set times after.

Me personally I like to have enough emails to go out that will last a month. Bearing in mind they can be set to go out every 2 or 3 days which means I would need between 10 to 15 pre-written emails to last me a month.

Your emails will contain information that these people will be interested in and they will also contain products they can purchase.

These products I am talking about will be affiliate products you have signed up to through an affiliate program.

In a nut shell you can join all sorts of different companies in all sorts of different markets who will all have an affiliate program. These will be free to join and once you do you can then start selling their products using special product links or adverts that they provide.

When someone clicks on one of your unique links or adverts that you have sent them in your emails and they then makes a purchase, you get paid a commission from the company you are promoting. This is known as affiliate marketing and it can be very lucrative indeed.

You do not even have to own the products, stock the products or even take payments for them, the company your promoting does all this for you.

7) Now that you have completed all the previous steps your job now is to get people to visit your Landing page and to leave their details, and you do this by advertising.

There are literally thousands of ways to advertise your landing page be it online or offline, free or paid. The main thing is to make sure you advertise to the types of people who will be interested in your free gift. This way you give yourself more chance of the people visiting your Landing page leaving their details and also being interested in your following emails with your affiliate products in.

To conclude.

The above steps are a genuine way to have an online business that can be worked to your schedule. Be it part time alongside your job or full time from day one, but always flexible to your lifestyle.

Yes there is a bit of work to be done at the start to get it up and running and yes you will need to make sure new people are going through the system and receiving your emails and products which means you must be advertising your Landing page in some way shape or form.

But I think your agree that after the initial set up, to have a business that almost runs its self and one that can make you a full time income but with only you working when you want to is a tremendous way to improve your work life balance.

Not Sure How to Set this all up Correctly?

If after reading all this you find yourself very interested in this online business idea using a Landing page but you feel a bit overwhelmed as to exactly how you would go about creating it all then why not let me know.

Just go to my my Contact Me page and leave some details. I will then get back to you for a quick chat with some help and advice as to the best ways for you to be up and running.



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  1. Kenith Bladdon
    October 24, 2013 at 4:09 pm

    Never heard of a landing page but now I realise I have seen many before. Thanks for the tips Nick

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