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Your website is going to need content in order for you to attract the right type of people to your business and to keep the search engines such as Google and Yahoo happy.

When I say keep keeping Google etc happy I mean if you add content to your website it gives Google more of an idea as to what your website is about and this in turn helps them put your website in front of the people who are doing a search (looking for information) via Google for what you have on your website which ultimately means they get to see your adverts.

Also when you have the right content that reflects the type of business and market you are in you can then attract the right type of people through your advertising ( you have to give them a reason to visit your site) which will in turn give you the opportunity to show your products/adverts/content that you have on your site so they can make decisions or purchases.

Quality is Best

You want quality content on your website that can then be used as the bait to get people to go to your website through your advertising. Notice I say quality content. You want to be giving the best value at all times and that includes the content on your website.

This content will match up with the products on your site thus increasing your chances of people clicking on your adverts. You create interest and give advice with your content and you offer solutions with the products.

EG, You may use Facebook to advertise your business by placing messages on your Facebook wall about certain content on your website. People will then click on your website link in your message, they then arrive on your website, read the content and then see your products/adverts. This is how it works.

Most people will get this part wrong. They think they have to be promoting the products at all times in their advertising but if you want to make consistent sales then its the content that comes first and then the products. People are sick of being sold to all the time.

Improve Your Search Ranking

Adding content on your site is also good for your internet presence or rather your internet search ranking. Having regular fresh content added to your site is exactly what Google/Yahoo etc are looking for because they want to give its customers, the people dong a search, the best experience possible by giving them the most freshest and up to date websites/content rather than showing them old out of date content and websites.

What Type of Content

The type of content you want to be adding is obviously content that is relevant to the market your involved in and the type of person you are looking to attract. You will have a good idea of all this from my article on Target Marketing.

EG; If your chosen business market is ladies golf and you have discovered that lady golfers are never sure what type of golf clubs to buy then some of your content would be to do with this. You would place content on your website helping them make the best decision on golf clubs.

You would then tell these types of people through your advertising about this content on your website and you would also be promoting products that match this content for them to buy.

Or if your business market is travel and through your target marketing you have found out that parents have a hard time finding family orientated hotels in the UK then of course you can provide content to match this and help them.

Another type of content to have on your website which can be very effective in making sales of products you are promoting is a”Recommended” page or a “Product Review” article.

This type of content would be for highlighting a product you are promoting and giving the reader some feedback or details about it. At the end of the article you can then lead them to clicking on your advert to see for themselves.

TIP: Try not to be singing from the rooftops about the product in a recommended page but rather a more down to earth practical report. Of course if the product is amazing then say this but don’t say that just because you want to make a sale.

Other content could be a Bio page or a about me page. This type of content is great for making connections without ever speaking to them particularly if you have a story that relates to your target market.

My bio page talks of me traveling a lot and how I got started online which relates to a lot of people.

A contact page on your website can also be useful, not only for people to send a message but it just makes your website a bit more approachable rather than a faceless one. A bio page can help with this too.

To add a contact form see my article about WordPress Plugins.

Where is this content

Now whatever types of content you are looking to add there are 3 main ways to get this content for your website which are as follows.

1) Copy & Paste the Content

There are places online that you can go to (Article Directories) that are specifically set up so that you can find content and place it on your website for free. They are happy for you to do this with just one condition, you have to leave the link of the author intact at the bottom of the article (see 2nd image below). Its like a payment for their service which is fair enough. You get free content, they get free advertising.

Remember though this is not original content which is always best in the long run but certainly at the beginning of your business their fine for getting great content quickly onto your website that you can use in your advertising and for free.

A great place to go for this is type of content is,

Here you will find thousands of quality articles on almost any subject you can think of and its just a case of clicking the above link, doing a search for the type of content your after, selecting an article from the search results and then copying (not their picture) and then pasting the article content into your website.





You will see the links you need to keep in place (Article Source) at the very bottom of each article.




If you ever want to look at some more of these types of sites then simply type into the Google search bar “article directories” and you will find many more.

I also like using article directories for getting inspiration when I am writing my own content.

TIP, Make sure you read the article first to see if its any good before you copy it. My advice here is to only go with authors who already have a few articles under their belt and their first language is English. Doing this will increase the chances of it being well written.

You can see all these details by looking to the right of the article your interested in for the Author info box.

That’s not to say persons whose first language is not English can’t write a good article but its naturally just harder for them to achieve perfect grammar.

2) Purchase Some Content

How about getting someone to write it for you. For not much money at all you can hire quality writers who will get articles together on any topic you like that will be original

Some great places for this are With this site you can browse the offers and decide who is going to be best and then employ them for the job. Everything starts at $5 but you can negotiate. As an example a client of mine recently purchased 20 original articles for £14/ $20. Just check the categories on the right of the page for “writing With Elance it operates the other way round. You propose the work you want done and then see what offers come in. Similar to Elance this site but what you can also do here is find content you like on the internet and then ask them to re-write it for you.

3) Write It Yourself

Along with purchasing your content this is always the best option because it will ensure it is original content and not second hand.

If you have some knowledge on the topic/market your business is in then put some effort in to write some of your own content.

It does not have to be pages and pages long, just a few hundred words will do. In time you will get better and better at writing your own content.

Some Advice

Before you start advertising your business you want to make sure you have a decent amount of content on their to keep a reader happy. As a rule of thumb have enough content so that they would have to return at least a couple more times to finish reading it all.

Long term you really want to be adding a fresh piece of content to your website at least twice a week and more if you have the time. But don’t always think it has to be long, a quick article (150 words) that is full of quality is much better than a huge article that is full of fluff.

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