Adding YouTube Videos into WordPress

A great way of quickly adding extra content to your WordPress site or to liven up some content is to add Youtube videos into your WordPress website.

How to Add YouTube

First go to and then search for a video that would be appropriate for your website/blog using the Youtube search bar at the top of the page.

When you have found a video make sure you watch it to see if its any good. Remember that when placing any type of content on your website make sure its of great value to your readers.

If your happy with the video then you now need to get the code that we can use to put into your wordpress site.

To get the code look just underneath the video where you will be able to click the tab “Share“. You then will need to click the tab “Embed

What you are now looking at is a section that allows you to customize the video and then get the code.

What I suggest you do first is un-check the box which says “Show suggested videos when the video finishes” This way you won’t have your readers caught up in watching other videos rather than your WordPress website.

Now you can decide the size of the video screen. This will largely depend on where your putting the video. My tip here is to just go with the size they have suggested because you can adjust the exact size you need when you have the video on your site.

Get the Code

When you happy with your customization then all you need do now is copy the embed code in the main box. Now with that code go and log in to your wordpress Admin panel/dashboard.

Whether your adding the Youtube video into a post or page makes no difference as its the same procedure but whatever way you are doing it make sure before you add the code that you are in HTML mode. To do that look just above where you add your content and to the right where you will see either Visual or HTML.

Ok now your in HTML mode paste the Youtube video Embed code into the content area. Now you can click on Visual to see how it looks in relation to the page.

At this point you won’t actually see the video its self, that only is available on your website when published. But you can change the size of the video from here. Either just click on the video and use your cursor on the border of it to increase or decrease its size or go back to HTML mode and adjust the size within the actual code its self.

When your happy with it all then just publish and then see what it looks like live on your site, of course editing anything that needs doing.

Once you get the hang of it you will see that adding Youtube videos into WordPress is a very quick way of getting content onto your site plus you can always add a few words of your own on top or underneath the video before you publish it.

One Final Thing

If you want to add a Youtube video into a side bar then just paste the code into a Text Widget using the widget section of your WordPress Dashboard.

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